Ballet Bodies is a dance based fitness studio.  Specializing in Pilates, cardio dance, and ballet technique.  Located in West Hollywood California

 Semi-Private & Private Classes

Private training

Private Class

A one-on-one Pilates/Fitness training workout that takes place mainly on a Pilates reformer, supplemented by work utilizing the Pilates Cadillac, ballet barre, as well as other more traditional fitness apparatus. Each session is customized for the individual. Our trainers are highly trained and are truly experts in their field. Rest assured they will assess and guide you through your customized program safely while achieving maximum result.

In addition to fitness based programs, we offer ballet instruction in a one on one setting. Whether you are looking to fine tune your technique or learn the art form of classical ballet our skilled trainers can provide you with unmatched training.

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Semi-Private Class

Similar to the Privates, the Semi-Private session offers customized programs for the individual, while sweating it out alongside a friend.


Email us at to set up your private session/assessment today. We will match you with one of our skilled trainers best suited for your needs and availability. Privates/semi-privates are available 7 days a week morning, afternoon, and evening.

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